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From a basic centrifugal pump to complete high tech pump systems and from electric driven to diesel engine driven or even turbine driven. We are your one stop PARTNER. A single pump, a complete engineered sTEEN or package, we can and will provide you the best solution for your unique process!. Complete engineered and custom build pump sTEENs according to special specifications, like API, high capacity and, very low viscosity or abrasive fluids on one hand and Taylor made system solutions like bearing maintenance, heating, cooling and seal flush units. Holland Legacy Pump Group BV (hlp group) is a Dutch based manufacturer of 2 spindle screw, positive displacement pump systems and high capacity centrifugal pump system packages. Our focus is to combine the technical specifications of twin screw positive displacement and centrifugal technology in order to serve our customers in all their needs. If a more suitable pump solution is an eccentric screw pump, a three spindle screw pump, a gear pump or a lobe pump we will advise and supply you the best solution. We have the in-house knowledge! You name it, we supply it. You are always welcome to visit our premises! FLUID HANDLING IS PUMPED AROUND IN OUR BLOOD!. We are located in the centre of the Netherlands, close to the city of Utrecht. Please explore our website to find out more about us and our products. Spare and wear parts, maintenance, commissioning, installation etc.. by our own service engineers. With our basic 2 spindle screw product range we can reach capacities from 5 m3/h up to and including 4500 m3/h. For engineered pumps this range is stretched to 5500 m3/h.